Please do not hesitate to send us your questions ! Let us know what you would like to know, and we will give you the info. Since there are not that many Turkish news in English, we are here to help you ! Guide us please.. 🙂


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    • You are right Muna. .. We were having some difficulties that we didn’t realize how much we were loved ..article wil be posted before you know it until then pls Let us know what you would like to know more about !

  1. merhaba from singapur! am a fan of turkish entertainment (tv, movies, music) and am glad to have stumbled across this website. you’re right about there being zero to none english translated site on turkish entertainment and i think you’re doing a great job! it’s pretty difficult to get any decent turkish entertainment here in singapore, once in a while we get a subtitled movie during some international film festival or on cable tv channel cinemaworld. and it’s not helping technophobes like myself! it’ll be great if you could post more stuff about the latest turkish films, music, celebrity stuff, etc. maybe reviews and all. i get a really positive vibe from the way you write and i look forward to reading more posts from you. iyi günler!

  2. hi again! it’s been a while. do you know of any links which i can go to to watch incir receli 2 with english subtitles? managed to catch the turkish one but only a gist of it… 🙂 sağol!

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