BEREN SAAT is having a come back with a NEW MOVIE

After getting married, Beren Saat wanted to stay away from the showbiz to spend time with her new hubby, but now, we heard rumors that we will get to see the beautiful actress on a new movie called “9oN” (on means number ten in Turkish)  She will be playing a character named Emine who is getting ready to be a mom. The movie will be about eight characters who are all getting prepared to become mothers.  We do not know who will play the other characters just yet, but we sure hope they all will be the known actresses that we all love.
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2 thoughts on “BEREN SAAT is having a come back with a NEW MOVIE

  1. Hey diyediye I just landed on your blog. you bring cool things here. I liked your stuff. I don’t know why but for no reason i like Turkish Drama Industry. They bring good stories for their audience and yes i won’t forget to appreciate the selection of leading stars in those dramas. Like Beran Saat And Kivanc make a beautiful couple though Engin Akyurek also goes well along her. Thanks for sharing your stuff. I am following you now 🙂

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