“Unutursam Fısılda” (If I Forget, Whisper)- A NEW TURKISH MOVIE IN THEATERS

unutursam “Unutursam Fısılda” is a new Turkish movie which we loved so much that we could not wait to share it with you !

The movie is about an old pop singer (played by Farah Zeynep Abdullah ) from the 1970’s who returns back home from the big city to her small town which she left behind when she was only 17 years old to run after her big dream to become a singer.  She does not run away alone of course, because we also need a good-looking man in the movie, so she falls in love with her town’s governor’s son who happens to be a guitar player, played by gorgeously handsome  Mehmet Gunsur. You might remember Mehmet from “Muhtesem Yuzyil” where he played Kanuni Sultan Suleyman’s son Mustafa.
Together, they run away from their families who are both against to the idea of having their children become famous. When they arrive to Istanbul, a friend helps them out to settle into the big city. The friend is played by another handsome actor, Kerem Bursin who you can remember from the TV show “Gunesi Beklerken“.unut

As DiyeDiye.com crew, we highly recommend you to see this movie. It has a great cast and a great story line which was written and directed by amazingly talented Cagan Irmak who loves to make his audience cry with his movies.

It is a very touchy movie with some great music as well. We can easily say that the soundtrack of the movie is as good as the movie itself. The music that you hear in the movie was written by Beren Saat’s husband Kenan Dogulu who is a very famous pop singer in Turkey.

Hopefully, you will get to watch the movie with English subtitles soon because it is such a great movie that we cannot wait for you to share your comments with us !

Now, we’ll leave you with one of the best songs that we heard throughout the movie. Hopefully, you will like it as much as we did!

Until next time….

Photo provided courtesy of hurriyet.com.tr 


4 thoughts on ““Unutursam Fısılda” (If I Forget, Whisper)- A NEW TURKISH MOVIE IN THEATERS

  1. thanks for the post now i really hope to see this! finally mehmet gunsur is in a movie again. am missing so many good movies this end of year! this, gece, incir receli 2. watched sadece sen in march when i was in istanbul in a cinema and although i only understood 50% of the dialogue it was an unforgettable experience 🙂 i hope there are other non-turkish speakers who have done the same before who can share this strange joy with me.

  2. Hello Im just atarting to watch this movie. Can you tell me if Farah Zeynep Abdulla really singing or just lip singing in the show ?

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