tubanebahatNebahat Çehre who used to play
Tuba Buyukustun’s mother on Kara Para Ask was asked about her opinion on Tuba Buyukustun’s acting the other day by reporters, and she did not want to make a comment. 

Nebahat Çehre, a 70-year-old (I know crazy right?! She looks gorgeous for her age!) award winning Turkish actress  who is well-known for her performances in internationally known shows like Ask-i Memnu and Muhtesem Yuzyil, was talking to the the reporters the other day, and she sort of made a controversial comment about her co-star Tuba Buyukustun’s acting.

This is what she said to the reporters:

“I think she is a beautiful girl, but please do not ask me about her acting.”

Even tough, she does not literally say, -she is a bad performer-, but she still makes it pretty obvious for us that she does not approve Tuba’s acting. It is surprising to hear such a comment coming from Nebahat Çehre since they were recently starring on the same show together and need to be supportive of each other by nature.  We think this comment might upset Tuba’s worldwide fans. What do you think? 

Photo provided courtesy of hurriyet.com.tr 


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