tuvana-turkay-33There are rumors that Tuvana Turkay who plays the character Bahar in “Kara Para Ask” is in a relationship with Engin Akyürek.  Apparently, she follows him everywhere..Engin had to be in Rome with Tuba Buyukustun to film a scene for the series, and the rumors say Tuvana also went to Rome to be with Engin when she had to be in Istanbul to film her scenes.

Do you think it is true? Would you want the news to be true? Despite the fact that she plays the evil in “Kara Para Ask”, we think she is quite beautiful? What do you think ?



    • hen is free to live his life as he wants ..we respect any choise ..if he is happy we are also ..and she is a young girl beautiful wish she loves him .

    • Insecure if u really love someone u should also trust that person Engin is an artist he is only doing his job u don’t have to be his shadow give him his space tuba is beautiful as far as Engin girl friend no comment I am so glad I am not like her I am a model and date a lot of handsome guys I am not their shadow and I am secure

  1. I LOVE HIM! I cannot share him with anyone else ahahah jk. they look pretty good together. they are both hotties.. diyediye, keep the posts coming. we love you

  2. No way! I don’t like her at all and simply I cannot share Engin with anyone especially her! He deserves a better, prettier girl who is a good actress too!!!
    I hope that is not true! 😥

    • Agree Engin deserves better I sent her a friends request she didn’t confirm I am glad she didn’t I made a mistake of sending her a friends request she is not pretty no talent

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